MALVERN, Pa., March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Founded in 1997 by three Army veterans with extensive project management backgrounds, Greencastle Associates Consulting LLC was established with the sole purpose of assisting service companies execute of critical initiatives to facilitate the achievement of their business objectives. According to co-founder and senior partner, Celwyn Evans, «Our mission is to implement our clients’ strategies and initiatives using process-oriented project management methodologies. At the core of our business, we enable our clients to exceed their definition of success.«

Greencastle maximizes the value of change. By implementing mission-critical
solutions, Greencastle helps organizations increase revenue, reduce costs
and improve outcomes.

A consulting firm is only as good as the team it fields, and members of the Greencastle Consulting team are world-class. Each of them has an exemplary military background and was trained to reach objectives under the most rigorous conditions. Their business backgrounds are diverse, increasing their ability to form experienced teams to assist clients in implementing large scale, critical initiatives that directly support their business strategies.

Joe Crandall, one of Greencastle’s Partner’s says, «Our clients have all the technical knowledge they need and rarely require a subject matter expert in their field. What they do require is an experienced leader that can help them turn their strategy into action. Building programs, leading projects, and reaching the stated objective are all things the Greencastle team is accustomed to doing.»

You have the answers; we have the methods and techniques

Past Greencastle engagements number into the hundreds and span several industries. One example included Comcast Cable, who needed to implement a nation-wide recycling project in order to keep specific materials out of landfills. To ensure successful implementation and adoption in the field, Greencastle assigned a team of 13 project managers to assist in field-level planning, partnering with local Environmental, Health & Safety representatives to launch and assess the program at 440 field fulfillment offices nationwide. The Greencastle team assisted with ordering and coordinated the delivery of all necessary program equipment, including colorcoded trash collection bins and their respective signage, educational pamphlets, and promotional materials such as hats and t-shirts. This joint effort in the field complemented leadership functions at headquarters, which helped maintain communication and drive the project to completion. Three years later, this project now boasts an average 98% compliance rate, and Comcast has diverted more than 25 million pounds of material from landfills.  

«We couldn’t have done the project without them.
They know how to get things done right and fast»
Heidy Kelley, Comcast Cable EH&S VP

Since its founding 20 years ago, Greencastle has been a great place for young military professionals to transition into the civilian workforce. All of Greencastle’s team members are military veterans, and a few are still serving in the National Guard or Reserves. Veterans bring a level of experience and disciplined leadership that allows our teams to flourish in situations with limited time and ambiguous circumstances.

Over twenty years, Greencastle has honed its approached to strategic implementations by adding elements of change management and process improvement. Their consultants are adept at selecting and applying the proper technique based on client needs, and they can create a customized approach based on the specific environment of each project.

«Essentially, any business strategy implementation can be summed up into a
very simple approach. You are at A, and you want to go to B.
Getting to B is our thing. We get companies to B every time, the first time.»
Celwyn Evans, Senior Partner

Greencastle will take time in 2017 to celebrate of their 20 years of service. They plan to host happy hours and other events to celebrate with their clients and employees, past and present. When asked about Greencastle’s attitude toward this two-decade milestone, Celwyn Evans said, «At 20 years of service, you are able to retire out of the military—your job is officially complete. The difference here is that we have no intention of slowing down or retiring. We plan to keep at it for many more years.»

About Greencastle Associates Consulting

Greencastle Consulting 100% veteran owned and operated and is an implementation consulting firm that is unique in its approach to critical projects. At Greencastle, the best practices of change management, process improvement and project management are intertwined with Greencastle’s 5 Rights of Implementation Methodology.

Using their Implementation Management as the foundational approach to each project has allowed Greencastle’s clients to successfully meet the challenges of an ever-changing business landscape. Founded on a strong military background, Greencastle has been providing metric-driven results to Fortune 500 Companies for 20 years.

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