DALLAS, Pa., March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Pro Rehabilitation Services will be opening the doors to its ninth clinic in Dallas this coming Spring. In addition to the traditional physical therapy services it offers, this facility will also feature a performance sports training center through its affiliation with Athletic Republic.

Having successfully trained over 1 million athletes through its network of 120 locations over the past 27 years, Athletic Republic’s evidence-based approach and proprietary equipment help athletes improve their speed, power, and agility. As a result, Athletic Republic has recently been named as one of the 7 most innovative gyms in the world by Smithsonian Magazine.

Each of their individualized programs are based on a detailed evaluation, which identifies both strengths and areas for improvement to maximize the athlete’s potential. Athletic Republic currently offers three types of training programs for every athlete committed to achieving their goals: Acceleration Training, Endurance Sports Training, and AR-FIT. 

The Acceleration Training is geared towards the student-athlete dedicated to improving their speed, power, agility, and stamina. Endurance Sports Training is designed to help runners, cyclists, and triathletes get physically ready for their next race and achieve their personal best. AR-FIT is a high intensity fitness program for the active adult looking to move better, get stronger, lose weight, and stay healthier. Overall, these small group workouts will have you performing your best at every physical activity you participate in.

If you are a student-athlete looking to get a competitive advantage over your opponents, an athlete getting ready for your first endurance event, or an adult looking for a motivating workout to get you in peak physical shape, Athletic Republic is the place for you.

For more information on learning how to make next season your best season, visit www.Dallas.AthleticRepublic.com or call (570) 675-2600.




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