PITTSBURGH, May 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Sandrin Nakiri, a supermetal knife made from a new proprietary grade of tungsten carbide, toppled its funding goal on its Kickstarter launch campaign in just two hours, the company announced. The knife, now the most technically advanced chef’s knife ever made, achieves an unprecedented hardness of 71 on the Rockwell scale.

«Making a knife out of this metal was long considered impossible,» said Robert Bianchin, who is a collaborative partner in the Nakiri project. «Working with the legendary Italian metallurgical company, Turmond SPA, though, we have done the impossible.»

The Nakiri takes tungsten carbide, a metal used for industrial cutting tools, and puts it in the hands of chefs. The metal is one of the hardest substances known to man. However, traditional grades of tungsten cabide is very brittle, which had rendered it unusable for a kitchen knife. Turmond SPA, which is a world leader in tungsten carbide technology, developed a proprietary «breakthrough» method for using tungsten carbide in truly revolutionary ways.

They have now created a chef’s knife that a perfect edge and most importantly retain it edge longer than any steel knife. This is because engineered metal is capable of so much more than regular steel. The Nakiri is designed and manufactured in Italy. The manufacturer uses nano technology to create a blade that is extremely sharp but still flexible due to the unique polyhedral structure of the bonded molecules. The Nakiri will stay sharp up to 20x longer than steel knives and is durable enough to survive the harshest use.

The knife’s Rockwell score alone is a remarkable achievement. Regular steel knives are in the 52 to 56 level of Rockwell hardness. A high-quality knife might be in the 56 to 58 range. Exceptional knives are at 62 Rockwell hardness. Nakiri clocks in at 71 Rockwell C. «This a new material for the kitchen,» Bianchin added. «It sets a new standard for precision that will make everything from the past completely obsolete.

However, we don’t just want to improve the kitchen knife with the Nakiri. We want to change the industry forever through the latest technology and innovations in blade materials.»

The Nakiri features a rounded safety tip and an ergonomic handle with thumb grooves. Utilizing the latest 3D printing techniques and a PA11 Glass Fiber reinforced material, the manufacturer has been able to make the Nakiri handle light, strong and safe for food use. The flat cutting edge is manufactured to a tolerance of 0.0003″. The cutting radius goes from 24 to 42 degrees.

The Kickstarter campaign launched with a goal of raising $10,000. Within the first day, backers had pledged over $27,00. «A lot people want this knife,» Bianchin said. «They want to be part of history.»

For more information, visit hhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nickmorrow/nakiri-the-new-supermetal-knife-that-stays-sharp?ref=biypdf

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